All these projects are things that I have made, that I am yet to write up or upload instructions or documentation for, or made so long ago that I’ve pretty much forgotten what I did with them. All are roughly in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Please be patient with me, and I will try to get around to writing up some info about them soon. Once I’ve written about them, they will move onto the projects page, or in the case of gowns, onto the ‘Swabian Gown Project’ page.

  lapis lazuli 15th/16th century rosaries

P1040819 P1040818P1040815

tooled leather garters

P1040828P1040826P1040833 P1040832

Leather Baronial Champion’s baldric (brass fitting created and attached by Count Sir Felix Arnet von Danzig)

baronial champ baldric closeup Baronial baldric detail baronial baldric undyed

1470’s-90’s red wool schaube

schaube front schaube detail schaube back schaube lining

late 15th century Swabian leather belt

P1040091 P1040090 P1040088 P1040087

Roman jewellery

Roman jewellery1

unfinished Byzantine embroidery

P1040031 P1040029 P1040027

1480s-1500 Swabian silk gefrens (neck fringe)

gefrens final detail1   gefrens final  gefrens final detail3   gefrens final detail2

late 15thc/early 16thc leather pouch

pouch3 pouch pouch2

black wool 1520s Saxon gown

Claudia gown - black

purple wool 1520s “Kampfrau/trossfrau” gown

claudia's kampfrau 1 claudia's kampfrau 3claudia's kampfrau 2

1520’s burgundy silk Saxon gown

Claudia front  Claudia back

1500-1515 copper silk Swabian gown

copper swabian  copper swabian2

various bobbin lace

silk and metallic lace with spangles  metallic bobbin lace in progress

1560’s lace insert Venetian chemise

lace insert chemise lace insert chemise3lace insert chemise2  lace insert chemise4 lace insert chemise5

1560’s venetian gown with cutwork sleeves

venetian gown venetian gown2 venetian gown3

1560’s wool and silk slashed doublet

black 1560s doublet 1  black 1560s doublet 2


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