detail from 'Der obszöne Liebesgarten', after 1480, Housebook Master of castle Wolfegg, South Germany

This page contains links to all the class notes, documentation for completed projects and instructions for making various items.  I’m more than happy for you to share the knowledge around – feel free to print these off and share or link to the instructions, but please do acknowledge the source.

Late 15th century flinderhaube: an overview of flinderhauben in period (and slightly out), and how I made mine can be found here.


Late 15th/early 16th century fringed cap (kappe). Instructions for making a similar kappe can be found here.

P1040945   squid hat2


Spangles. Instructions for making spangles can be found here.

spangles    metallic bobbin lace in progress


Spangled strands for hair and feathers. Instructions for making spangled strands for hair and feather decoration, please see here.



15th century tooled leather pattens. A writeup of how I made these pattens can be found here.

my pattens 



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